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About  Jen

Work -

Jen has a passion to make things happen and to create an event that has been thought through thoroughly, asking all the right questions to address any possible issues before the wedding day.  "Having the ability to envision the entire event from start to finish is important, and that is what I love to bring to each and every couple."  Setting her mind and heart to assist couples in every way possible is her business model.  She has 10 years experience in the industry. 

Home -

Jen lives a full life.  She continues to teach 4th grade part-time, lives on 3 acres where she and her family engage in the craft of hobby farming, raising sheep & chickens and growing fruit and vegetables.  Her interests include kayaking, self-educating, reading, teaching, and hiking.  "I love to be outside, enjoying the creation of the God I follow.  There is so much beauty."


The Small Details

I too get to be in awe of the bride's beauty on her wedding day.  So grateful to be able to share in the many moments a wedding day is filled with, attending to every need, with a calm, assuring presence.  

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